SEO Consulting

What is SEO Consulting?

SEO Consulting is optimizing a website to match the search queries of potential customers. They appear higher on search engines results pages and optimize the website for search engines to attract more customers and generate sales.

Businesses that are aware of the long-term benefits of ranking high in organic search (natural, free) results with SEO Consulting see SEO as a valuable investment tool. Indeed, SEO Consulting helps by making a significant contribution to the realization and development of digital marketing activities.

How is SEO Consulting Done?

Time and patience are needed to do a successful SEO Work. At least 12 months are required for new websites to have a good position in search engines, especially in search volume and competitive keywords. The key to SEO Consulting is consistency.

During the SEO Consulting process, the SEO Consultant examines your current situation. It determines what is good, what doesn’t work, and what elements are necessary to achieve success. It provides SEO services by designing a roadmap with an action plan to make your business’s online presence stronger.

SEO Consultant

What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO Consultant is someone who specializes in search engine optimization. It is an expert who is paid by businesses and site owners to get their websites to rank higher and therefore increase sales with more traffic.

The SEO Consultant reviews every possible way to build and improve your online presence.

What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

The SEO Consultant has a lot of workload but simply does the essentials we have listed below:

  • SEO Consultant ensures that the pages of the website that are requested by the customers are accessible by the search engine and can be indexed.
  • To ensure that both search engines and customers understand what the website is about, the SEO Consultant optimizes the Metadata. Metadata is a summary of the most important information on a page. There are two basic Meta Tags: Title and Description…
  • The most valuable ranking factor for search engines is the content offered on the website. Although it is not the SEO Consultant’s job to write the texts that will increase the chances of the website being found, he can undertake this job himself if he wishes. However, it is strictly the job of the SEO Consultant to determine what content to write about. For this, it performs good keyword research and analysis. It tries to optimize many elements such as titles, text links, images in the created content. SEO Consultant spends most of his time on content optimization.
  • Another important ranking factor is backlink. Backlinks are backlinks to the website from other pages. We can also call it a kind of reference link. The quantity and quality of backlinks has a strong influence on search engine visibility and ranking. The SEO Consultant’s job at this point is to get new backlinks on a regular basis.
  • An SEO Consultant avoids duplicate content (Duplicate Content) on the website as much as possible. Search engines negatively evaluate the presence of the same or very similar content on different pages on the website. It negatively affects the ranking of the website. Duplicate content is therefore best avoided.

In addition to these jobs we mentioned, an SEO Consultant also handles page load speed and mobile compatibility.

How to Become an SEO Consultant?

Passion is essential to be a good SEO Consultant. It is necessary to constantly work with attention to detail. Search engines should try to understand.

Corporate SEO Consultant

Corporate SEO Consulting

Today, businesses have to deal with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because customers are now searching for products and services online. Businesses that do not exist or cannot be found on the Internet will have a hard time making sales. The budgets allocated for SEO, which has become the most important tool in marketing, have been constantly increasing in recent years. Businesses either have a Corporate SEO Consultant in-house or make an agreement with an outside SEO Agency for Corporate SEO Consulting. Since SEO is a team job, the Corporate SEO Consultant who works in the institution will not be successful alone.

SEO Consultancy Service

SEO Consultancy

SEO Consulting includes everything needed to better understand the current state of your website, what we should aim for and how the goal can be achieved.

SEO Ajans® offers SEO Consulting Services according to the specific needs of its customers. The needs are clarified with the interviews provided within the framework of SEO Consultancy and a special offer is presented to the business. With SEO Consultancy Service, your website can be featured in search engines, resulting in a better ranking and higher organic traffic.

SEO Consultancy Services:

  • Website SEO analysis
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Creating an SEO strategy and plan
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • User experience analysis and optimization
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting
  • SEO support

Get a competitive advantage for your website with SEO Consulting Service. With over 9 years of experience, SEO Ajans® knows what it takes for your website to rank high in search engines and for your business to grow on the internet.

SEO Consulting Prices

Businesses are spending more and more money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from their marketing budget. So, how much are SEO Consulting Prices? It is often difficult to give a direct, clear answer to this question. Because many different factors such as the health of the website, the level of competition in the industry, competitors, keyword difficulty determine SEO Prices. Working with the monthly SEO price model, SEO Ajans® provides SEO Consultancy Services with prices starting from 500 $.

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