Who is an SEO Specialist?

An SEO Specialist is a person who does Search Engine Optimization for short. In order to give a correct answer to the question “What is an SEO Specialist“, we must first define SEO. SEO is a term formed by combining the initials of the phrase “Search Engine Optimization”. The term SEO describes both the job and the person doing it. So, SEO Expert is also SEO.

When people want to search for something on the internet, they first and mostly turn to search engines. They try to reach the information, product or service they are looking for by making inquiries in search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing, which are the most used and largest search engines in the world. If we can rank our website higher and on the first page in these search engines, we can reach more potential target audiences. That’s what SEO does!

By working with a professional SEO Specialist (with SEO), you can make your website more visible in one or more of the aforementioned search engines. In this way, you can reach more people and increase the sales of your products or services. The most important tool of digital marketing, which is gaining more and more place in the marketing discipline, is SEO. With SEO Consulting, you can achieve your marketing goals.

What Does an SEO Expert Do?

Regardless of whether it is a corporate website or an e-commerce site, an SEO Specialist works to bring any website to the first page in search engines, higher on demand. While doing this job, which we define as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the main goal of the SEO Specialist is to get potential website visitors who can convert with more visibility. Of course, many people who present themselves as “SEO Experts” today do not fit this purpose. Choosing and working with a real SEO Expert is important so that it doesn’t harm your resources, your budget, and most importantly your brand.

SEO Specialist only does Search Engine Optimization; It does not build a website, design graphics, manage social media accounts, or create digital advertising campaigns. It only leads all these other channels.

How to Become an SEO Expert?

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Not every person with the title of SEO Specialist is truly an SEO Specialist. So, how to understand a truly professional SEO Expert or how to become a real SEO Expert?

Being an SEO Specialist is not a job that can be achieved by taking a few hours of training (course). (There is no training or course related to this in higher education anyway.) With a good SEO course, you learn only the most basic information and take place at the beginner level. Afterwards, constantly updating your information, reading a lot, and gaining experience by doing SEO work on real websites will improve you to become a real SEO Expert over time. To become an SEO Specialist, you need to spend at least 5-6 years working with this intensity.

By the way, there is no such thing as the world’s best SEO Expert. There are real and good SEO Professionals; We cannot say that neither is better than the other. Theoretical training and practice are essential to become a good SEO expert. Keeping up-to-date in the field of SEO, which has a constantly changing and developing structure, makes you a good SEO Expert by gaining experience for many years. Being an SEO Specialist in any other way is a dream that will never come true, it is self-deception.

What Should an SEO Expert Know?

Let’s remember that SEO is included in the Marketing department as a tool of Digital Marketing. They are the most used channel search engines in the digital world. It has 60% of all digital marketing tools. That’s why SEO is more important than email marketing, social media, or any other digital marketing tool. The SEO Specialist, who will do the SEO work, which is of such importance, is expected to know many things.

A good SEO Specialist should first know the major search engines, their working logic, algorithms, policies and guidelines. Knowing Google, which we will call the most used and indisputably the best search engine in the world, is almost enough. Let’s know that when we say SEO or SEO Specialist in our country, we actually mean Google SEO or Google SEO Specialist.

Here is what an SEO Specialist should know::

  • Knowing Google’s search and operating logic, webmaster and quality guidelines
  • To have knowledge about algorithms such as PageRank, BERT
  • Knowing and using all the tools of Google that will work such as Search Console, Analytics, PageSpeed ​​Insight
  • To follow Google constantly, to be aware of updates and innovations
  • Knowing SEO terminology
  • Knowing Front-End languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JS, even at a basic level
  • Having an idea about web design, following the trends
  • To have knowledge about producing various content that will be original, high quality and useful
  • Being a member of the best and comprehensive special SEO tools and using them consciously
  • To be able to make an accurate analysis by using all the tools and to develop strategies by making predictions as a result of the analysis.
  • To make a good planning in line with the strategies and to carry out the works in a prepared manner, knowing that the plan has a dynamic structure.
  • Having a command of the English language at a professional level, following foreign resources, reading
  • To know the dynamics, grammar and semantics of the language in which the content will be produced; cooperating with professional translation offices (translation offices) if the language is not known
  • Being analytical, inquisitive, curious, patient, hardworking, disciplined and moral
  • Having strong communication, good diction and good use of body language
  • To have a little bit of correct information on every subject
  • To have knowledge at a level to produce ideas about disciplines such as marketing, economics, communication and business

The list could be extended, but that’s enough for now. Some of the qualifications sought in SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant job postings on career sites are unrealistic. E.g; Knowing Photoshop and Illustator, knowing WordPress, managing e-commerce site, managing Google Ads ads, sharing by producing content on Instagram account, knowing social media ads… Of course, it can be thought that knowing these things will provide extra advantages, but be sure, it will distract from SEO. It is impossible for you to know and apply everything at an expert level on your own. Digital marketing experts do not know and cannot know all channels such as email marketing, content marketing, social media ads and optimization, search engine ads and optimization. Let us emphasize once again that the most valuable and most difficult of these tools is SEO.