SEO Work

How to Do SEO Work?

SEO work is a process in which the actions to be taken within the framework of the strategy developed in line with research and analysis in order to optimize a website for the search engine are implemented according to a plan and the results are observed.

In order to do a healthy and correct SEO work, serious knowledge and experience are required. Otherwise, irreversible negative results may be encountered.

SEO Work is more than one person can do alone; it’s a team job. All the necessary research and analysis, which we call SEO Analysis, which will be done at the very beginning of the study, should be done completely and interpreted correctly. In this way, the most ideal SEO Strategy will be determined to achieve business or marketing goals. After the strategy is determined, an SEO Plan, which we can call an SEO work schedule, is prepared. The SEO plan is dynamic, and changes can be made in the future depending on the situation. The SEO Implementation results, which are made with certain SEO techniques in accordance with the plan, are monitored and examined on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annual basis. It is acted upon according to SEO Result analyzes and reports, and if necessary, a new strategy is pursued.

The effective implementation of all these SEO work steps cannot be done by a single person/expert. There should be one or more SEO specialists for each stage and an SEO manager who can manage the whole process/project.

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Types of SEO

Types of SEO Work

SEO work reveals a different type of SEO for each different type of website (project). Since the structure, culture and goals of no business are the same, the SEO work to be applied to the websites of these businesses must also be different. You can’t always get the same results by applying the same techniques to different websites in a standard package. Since the strategy for each SEO project will be different, the planning and implementation should also be different.

Technically, we can divide the types of SEO work into three as White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Anti-SEO. To explain briefly;

White Hat SEO: In SEO terminology, it is called White Hat SEO. It is an SEO study in which ethical and natural techniques are applied in accordance with the standards, policies and guidelines of search engines. As SEO Agency, we apply White Hat SEO in each of our projects.

Black Hat SEO: In SEO terminology, it is called Black Hat SEO. It is the opposite of the White Hat SEO technique. It is an SEO study in which aggressive and illegal techniques are applied by manipulating search engines. It never gives permanent and long-term results, it is definitely punished sooner or later. We never find this technique and working method appropriate, and we stand against those who apply it.

Anti-SEO: In SEO terminology, it is called Negative SEO. It is a malicious and unethical SEO work that aims to get penalties such as blocking a website by the search engine and lowering its rankings. It is the method used by visionless and self-confident business owners who want to harm their competitors in the market. Unfortunately, under the name of SEO specialist or SEO agency, there is a segment that earns unfairly by making money with these methods and harms the country’s economy. It is a technique that we absolutely do not approve of and do not use.

In terms of SEO Consulting, the types of SEO work are divided into four as Local, National, International and E-Commerce SEO. To briefly mention them;

Local SEO: Local SEO is a branch of SEO that deals with search engine optimization especially for local businesses. Local SEO service is for local business owners, tradespeople who want to rank higher on Google. If you have a website and are a business that serves a specific geographic area, city or county, this SEO service is for you.

National SEO: National SEO will help you rank on the first page of organic search results nationwide for keywords that best describe your products or services, develop digital branding, and improve page performance.

International SEO: International SEO is suitable for all businesses that want to increase your market share at a global level, export, and expand abroad. You can take advantage of the power of SEO to grow your business in international markets, increase your business volume and eliminate borders.

E-Commerce SEO: With E-Commerce SEO service, you can increase the likelihood of your products appearing in search engine results, identify barriers between your potential customers and purchases, and solve technical problems such as duplicate content and poor URL structure.

SEO Process

Stages of SEO Work

Analysis & Strategy

An SEO strategy is determined as a result of SEO analyzes made in accordance with your marketing goals.

Planning & Implementation

A detailed SEO plan is prepared in the focus of the determined strategy, and it is put into practice.

Conclusion & Reporting

The results of the SEO work are constantly and regularly monitored and reported with SEO tools.