What is SEO?

What is SEO: It is an improvement work for a website to increase organic (free) traffic by getting to the forefront of search engine results. If we make a broader definition; SEO is the process of optimizing a website according to the guidelines, policies and criteria of major search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing. Thus, a website that is visible in higher ranks, on the first page or in the first ranks will be able to receive more free traffic.

SEO is defined as the job of optimizing a website, but it is also used to describe the person who takes this job as a profession. Often referred to as an SEO Specialist.

SEO is an abbreviated term consisting of the initials of the English phrase “Search Engine Optimization“.

what is seo

Benefits of SEO

What Does SEO Do?

The direct or indirect benefits and contributions of SEO to your business can be listed as follows:

  • SEO increases free (ad-free) traffic to your website, allowing more people to reach you and your business.,

  • It enables you to increase your business volume and sales by providing a high conversion rate with increased traffic,

  • It also contributes to the development of web design and software by making improvements to ensure that website visitors have a good experience,

  • Increases brand awareness and brand credibility as the visibility of the website increases in search engines,

  • It helps your brand communication by ensuring that people can reach you easily and quickly, at any time,

  • Strengthens your presence in the digital world by leading and collaborating with other digital marketing channels,

  • It enables you to acquire permanent and continuous customers in the long term,

  • It allows you to get a share of the cake by focusing heavily on local, national or international markets.,

  • It reduces your advertising expenses by making a positive contribution to your search engine advertising campaigns and allowing you to pay lower per click costs.,

  • Allows you to get more effective results by reducing your marketing costs,

  • Increases your sales and therefore your profitability,

  • Increases your competitiveness and being ahead of your competitors.

Importance of SEO

Why is SEO Necessary?

85% of people search the internet through search engines with the intention to know, go, do and buy. These calls are; keyword search, image search, map search, and voice search. These searches are listed on the search engine results pages (SERPs) by ordering them according to certain criteria. We can say that the purpose of search engines is to enable people to reach the information they are looking for in the fastest and most accurate way. In order to achieve this, each search engine determines and constantly updates ranking criteria according to its own policies and guidelines. They evaluate and rank millions of websites thanks to the algorithms they have developed according to these criteria.

According to studies, it has been determined that 90% of people visit the search engine results pages by clicking on the first page and especially the first three websites. In addition, SEO work, which constitutes 60% of digital marketing and is the most important tool, is known to be less costly but more efficient and more effective compared to other digital marketing tools.

In this context, a business definitely needs an SEO in order to exist in the digital world and to carry out digital marketing well. With SEO Consulting, the website of a business that occupies a higher position in the search engine results pages not only reaches its target audience or potential customers, but also contributes to the increase of brand reliability and brand awareness. Today, businesses need to give importance to digital marketing and especially SEO in order to maintain their commercial activities, compete, grow and increase their profitability.

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Frequently asked Questions

What Does SEO Mean?

SEO is a term that means Search Engine Optimization. The term SEO defines a profession, a job, but also defines the person who does it. In other words, SEO is both an optimization job and the person who optimizes it.

What Does SEO Do, What Is It Used For?

SEO aims for a website to be more visible on the search engine organic results pages (SERPs), to rank higher, and to increase conversion by getting more qualified visitors. For this, it does all the improvement works in accordance with the search engine policies and guidelines. Although SEO is usually done on an existing website, SEO should be started while the website is still in the idea and design stage. After all, everything starts with the website.

Why is SEO Important?

With SEO, it increases website visitors by ranking higher, on the first page or in the first place in search engines, thus increasing sales and profits. In addition, as it is more visible in search engines, it also makes a positive contribution to brand awareness.

How is SEO Do?

The ever-evolving and ever-changing technology has evolved and continues to evolve SEO over time. While it used to be easy to get to the first page of search engines like Google with a few simple operations, it has now started to become more complex with the introduction of topics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, and SEO has evolved and become more difficult. Just write an article and get a few backlinks, on-site and off-site seo etc. SEO, which cannot be done by counting things like this, has now become a science that requires serious knowledge and experience. It requires almost academic knowledge in many areas from web design to coding, from marketing information to brand, from human behavior to communication, from mathematics to English. Therefore, people and agencies that will do SEO should have these competencies. If you want to work with the right agency by leaving the job to the experts, contact us and let's talk about what we can do for you.

When Should SEO Be Done?

Although it is usually stated that SEO is done on an existing website, in fact, SEO service starts with the emergence of the website idea and SEO is applied during the design of the website. Remember: Everything starts with the website!


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